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Ty Rezac's avatar on hatena haiku


one of ty rezac's flipnotes

Ty Rezac is a 14 year old creator with , 120 fans,a silver medal, his rankings are mostly in the thousands.

stick figure

Ty has had his stick figures which he uses for combat flipnotes has changed about 2 times. his first was crusher. crusher had shadow the hedgehog's hair, a checkred cape, and blue eyes. he fought demonis. demonis was a black headed stick figure with spickey hair. his second was life. life changed alot. life was black blue and checkred with spikes on his head blue wings and cape with blue aura and had a black and blue sweatband with a blue T on it.

Ty's crusher vs demonis flipnote picture

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Ty's complete stick figure life.

his first drawing of life was a stick figure with white angel wings and a sweat band.

life faced against a spiked black headed stick figure deaf. deaf had changes too. and changes of names as whell. death first looked a little like 100% but with a tail.

he then changed and lost his tail. and got spikes covering every part of his head.

his first name was dead changed to death and changed to deaf.


Ty made a number of spinoff's which he said was too train himself to make him a better creator. not too many belived him. but he did upgrade his drawing skills a lot better..


Ty is a fan of shadow the hedgehog. he has made recent artwork and flipnotes of him
Bg blue 2

one of ty rezac's flipnotes involving a battle between sonic and shadow against mario and luigi

he even as said suport shadouge.


Ty has said that he is diagnosed with aspurgers and hdhd. he said his main obsessions were flags sonic and drawing. he has made flipnotes of the bahamas flag and even seemed to have created his own. Ty has very poor spelling. and his hand writting is not very good either
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Ty Rezac's flag as seen on sonic news network

other sites ty rezac is on

Ty Rezac is on a number of sites such as sonic news network,tails doll wiki,family guy wiki,and sonic fanon wiki.

he is not very popular on sonic news network as the other sites. sonic news network does not like his comedy comics as the other people but the others he does not make comedy more of combat blogs which he is very popular on. some he does not visit too much such as family guy wiki, and sonic fanon wiki they do not know Ty Rezac as whell as the others.


Ty Rezac has done a number of repost on his favorite made flipnotes. such as life vs death. crusher vs demonis, shadow and sonic vs mario and luigi. shadouge grenade. when he does this he most of the time changes the music and nothing else. He does not draw more to it that much.


Ty has said he was a christian. he has made a flipnote called proof god is real. and even made a christianity channel. Ty dosen't talk about his relgion too much. but he did say that he does belive in god.

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