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Fleesveon made this picture for her waving flag MV


Fleesveon (known as ana555 or fleesveon555 in other websites or online games), user of Flipnote Hatena, is a well known creator which makes animations with music and based on 5 frames with different drawings that make movement during the play of the flipnote, to make smoother animation. Fleesveon has been recognized for a very hardworking creator who makes well done animations. Her style is based on anime, chibi, cartoon, which she usually changes a lot at drawing, you can see how when she draws picture sometimes her style changes or never draws the same thing, the same way. Her best friend is Socks (Her character is the pokemon Suicune with rainbow colored socks). In hatena she made a group with 4 more users,  that is called "Wonder Group", the members are: Socks, Randomeevee, star, and FleesVeon.

Most of the flipnotes she post, depending on its content, get over 20,000 stars to 100,000 stars (mostly her music or animated flipnotes),18 of her flipnotes got over 100,000 stars, a lot of views, and many downloads, her most popular flipnote is still "Ravers in the UK" Music video, posted in 08/06/2011 20:17:58 with over 500,000 stars. She already has over 16,000 fans and is getting more and more everyday. Her flips recently been in Most Popular and her types of flipnotes are mostly Music Videos, she doesn't color them because she says she runs out of memory , but she tries putting a lot of animation in each character. Recently she has been making double collabs and icons for other users. FleesVeon used to had series but she stopped making them maybe because she said she lost interest and motivation in that. FleesVeon is also known as the kindest popular creator, she seems to care a lot about her fans and people that support her, and she like saying her flipnotes are bad all the timem even though people says the oposite. 

Hatena Life

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One of fleesVeon's computer art made in paint tool sai, posted in Deviant Art

FleesVeon joined hatena in may 18th,2010 , but she considers the real date of her joining was in August 15th of the same year, when she posted her first real flipnote, which was a mv with not "n00bish" things. She found out of hatena in youtube, but she never knew how was it called, or how to get flipnote, until one day she found hatena in dsi shop, she downloaded it and thought it was just an app to draw, after that she searched about it and she found hatena, at the beginning it was new to her, so she just made too random flips about Justin Bieber (one of them was deleted by her) her name just used to be the same as in her id which was ana555. After that she tried with stick figures animations, as she saw in the video in youtube where she found about flipnote, then she realized you could save the flipnotes, edit them, and repost them (since a lot of people did it), she didn't know that not editing, was stealing. She reposted few flips, until one day she found a mv

Zoruplup's character

flip with the song: Blame it on the pop, she loved it, so she downloaded it and instead of reposting she redrew the characters in her own style, after posting she got comments saying that was stealing, until the original creator Zoruplup (actually known as Miya) told her she understood how Fleesveon didnt know to much about hatena and how it worked, after meeting Zoruplup, FleesVeon had her first friend in hatena. She decided to change her name, she saw in her characters notebook, and she saw transi, one light brown fox with batty wings and big ears. She decided to name it Fleesveon (which starts with F that means flip, and ends with N wich means nore, also "fl" flying," ee "because of eevee and eon, because she made it a pokemon a fake eevee evolution.

After, in August of 2010 that FleesVeon stopped reposting the flipnotes and started to make her own, even remade that music flipnote of Zoruplup to the right way. Then, FleesVeon decided to meet more people, so she did, she met her first friends: Jaycko, Dougvler10, ryan, star (symbol), J. Alfredo, Moonpaw, Jared, Harvest ty, Luisfer, Randomeevee, kiya, cassidy (known as kuroidy now), Griffin, pokechiki, and mossnose . With her first friends met, she made her first original mv, that it got popular. She used to beg for stars until she knew it was wrong and stopped. Also Fleesveon started making more friends by asking them, also entering to contest and then by chatting, she had already a lot of friends, she met some more who later on became also famous, like Alejandro, Guap$, RedVap, socks, pichu, Shayatmos and others. Each of them has a special story for Fleesveon. She got an inspiration which was Guaps and she made 2 character based on his, Shawdy and Anne stick (aka Anika), which she got from guapsy and guaps.

She continued her hatena life without expecting getting any far, she tried making PMD series (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) she never continued them, she introduced some of her characters which now a days look very improved and different. Also she kept doing music videos, or random animation of Pokemon. She began getting more fame and friends, and at first her flipnotes didnt use to be that animated.

Some old flips by her:


Fleesveon has a lot of characters, but some mains ones here bellow with some information of each, and how much fame each has:

  • Some characters
  • Link to watch the flipnoteGo to


In the paper drawing thats how Fleesveon used to look like

In the second, it was fleesveon's adventures when she was just a eevee and she evoled there


A really long story of her, but is her pokemon trainer character, is her 2nd character and is which represents her the most, Anna has been known in flipnote without giving out many info, is Fleesveon gets to post her information we will be putting the link here: 

  • Anne
  • Anne old information
  • Crazy Anne
  • Aura form
  • Anne's team
  • Anne and aura guardians
  • As other picture, this is anne with torchic and fleesveon
  • Anne and her friendGo to Chaud belongs to Earthbound
  • Anne's team for black
  • Old looking

Anne was a character based on Ana, which means Fleesveon in real life, at first she had a simple design, but with the time her story became longer and greatedr.

This character first appeareance in flipnote was in Fleesveon's 3rd flip which is the stick fight animation at the end of the flipnote in the last pages.

Some people has been asking to draw Anne in their requests and some of them make few fannart for her.


Anika is her stick figure character, she made it cause she saw everyone in hatena had one stick figure character, so she got based in Anne and stick characters, and Anne's Stick appeared, which thanks to EarthBound is Anika. We can tell even though Anika isn't a older character of Fleesveon, she has worked on a great story for Anika, and she says "thats my best work", Fleesveon is actually posting Anika's life comic in Youtube.

  • Anika first appearance in hatena
  • Fanart for Anika by Ms.MnM
  • Derp Anika
  • First picture of Anika in computer
  • Anika, flint, earth, and ditto
  • Killer Side
  • :D
Anika is physically really tall, 6'7 ft tall, very skinny. She is married to Earth (belongs to EarthBound) and her best friend is Flint (earth's brother). And got her son Flint, which is a human (baby flint) and Susan a stick like her mom. 

Anika is a character with a lot of fans, people has done a lot of fanart to her, and really are interested in her story. This character was also changed with the time.

At first, Anika didnt have a scarf and her hair was less detailed and straighter. 

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Fleesveon Official Facebook Fan Club:

Fleesveon in deviantART:

Fleesveon in flipnote hatena:

Fleesveon in Youtube:

Twitter: @Fleesveon555

Fleesveon 1st flips

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fleesveon first flipnote

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stick fight by fleesveon

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first original mv


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